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The Juniper JN0-450 exam is a popular Juniper exam designed to validate your understanding of Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) skills. You can use our updated JN0-450 exam dumps as a JN0-450 prep resource to prepare for the exam.

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What is the Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) exam?

The JN0-450 Mist AI Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) exam is an expert-level Juniper Mist AI track designed for wireless LAN networking professionals with introductory knowledge of wireless networking using Mist AI.

The JN0-450 exam has 65 multiple-choice questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete all of them.

How to effectively prepare for the Juniper JN0-450 exam?

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Where can I find free JNCIS-MistAI JN0-450 exam questions to practice for?

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2022 Pass4itSure Juniper JN0-450 Dumps Free Questions

Q1 – New

Which statement is correct about Mist\\’s location-based services?

A. Location services are used to track client movements that are connected to the Mist WLANs.
B. Location services are used to identify the location of cloud-based services.
C. Location services are used by clients to identify which SSIDs are available on the site.
D. Location services are used to identify the geographical location of corporate buildings.

Correct Answer: A


Q2 – New

Which statement is correct about wireless assurance?

A. Wireless assurance is a legacy WLAN construct that is difficult to use.
B. Wireless assurance can be used to proactively optimize WLAN performance.
C. Wireless assurance is used by clients to ensure that a Wi-Fi connection is stable and reliable before joining.
D. Wireless assurance does not require a subscription.

Correct Answer: B


Q3 – New

You manage a shared workspace of 10 cubicles with only Wi-Fi access. A workspace or multiple workspaces can be rented by anyone. A tenant often brings multiple Wi-Fi clients with them to their cubicle. You want to provide secure WiFi access to anyone who rents the space. In this scenario, how should you accomplish this task?

A. Use the multiple PSK option in the WLAN.
B. Use one SSID with Isolation turned on.
C. Use a combination of band steering and multiple SSIDs.
D. Use separate SSIDs for every tenant.

Correct Answer: A


Q4 – New

Which action would site-level network administrators be able to perform?

A. create a config template
B. modify an RF template
C. reboot an access point
D. assign access points to the site

Correct Answer: C

Q5 – New

When adding a floor plan in the Mist UI Live View, what are three key steps for any location deployment? (Choose three.)

A. Scale floor plan.
B. Set the AP height.
C. Orient the AP LED.
D. Set up the zones.
E. Set the distance between the APs.

Correct Answer: ABC


Q6 – New

Your team is asked to build a wireless network for an apartment building. The customer wants to have a single WLAN advertised, but still provide isolation between groups of users. In this scenario, which statement correctly describes the solution?

A. A single key is generated to access multiple SSIDs with personal WLAN enabled
B. Additional VLANs are required to segment the users.
C. Multiple unique keys are generated to access a single SSID with personal WLAN enabled.
D. Private VLANs are required to segment the users.

Correct Answer: C


Q7 – New

What are three ways that data is collected from the Mist backend? (Choose three.)

B. Webhook
C. Websocket
D. Syslog

Correct Answer: ABC

Q8 – New

Which statement is correct regarding the Mist UI?

A. The Mist UI is used to manage network devices.
B. The Mist Ul is used to distribute routes between your wireless and physical networks.
C. The Mist Ul is used by clients to connect to wireless networks.
D. The Mist Ul is used by cloud providers to provision VMs.

Correct Answer: A

Q9 – New

What are three available rate limiting options in the Mist UI? (Choose three.)

A. Network
B. Application
C. wLan
D. Per-Client
E. Per-Site

Correct Answer: BCD


Q10 – New

Referring to the exhibit, you asked Marvis to troubleshoot a client. In this scenario, what did Marvis determine?

A. two authentication failures over this week
B. two DHCP failures today
C. DHCP errors over the past seven days
D. two authentication failures today

Correct Answer: A


Q11 – New

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

A. Coverage issues are mainly attributed to Asymmetry Uplink.
B. Time to Connect failures are mainly attributed to DHCP issues.
C. Successful Connects are failing 89% of the time.
D. Time to Connect is successful 67% of the time.

Correct Answer: D

Q12 – New

Which statement about BLE advertisement and Wi-Fi interference is correct?

A. BLE advertisements interfere with Wi-Fi channel 1.
B. BLE advertisements interfere with Wi-Fi channel 36.
C. BLE advertisements interfere with Wi-Fi channel 6.
D. BLE advertisement does not interfere with Wi-Fi.

Correct Answer: D


Q13 – New

After setting up a Guest-WLAN using the Mist captive portal, users complain that they are not able to see the captive portal splash page. What would be two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

A. The guest VLAN tag is not configured on the switch port.
B. The DNS server\\’s IP address is not configured in the IP pool.
C. The Mist portal IP is not configured under the captive portal bypass.
D. The RADIUS server is not configured on the WLAN.

Correct Answer: AB


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