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Free CheckPoint 156-315.81 Exam Questions

Q1 – New

What is the protocol and port used for Health Check and State Synchronization in ClusterXL?

A. CCP and 18190
B. CCP and 257
C. CCP and 8116
D. CPC and 8116

Correct Answer: C


Q2 – New

What is the purpose of Priority Delta in VRRP?

A. When a box up, Effective Priority = Priority + Priority Delta
B. When an Interface is up, Effective Priority = Priority + Priority Delta
C. When an Interface fail, Effective Priority = Priority – Priority Delta
D. When a box fail, Effective Priority = Priority – Priority Delta

Correct Answer: C

Each instance of VRRP running on a supported interface may monitor the link state of other interfaces.
The monitored interfaces do not have to be running VRRP. If a monitored interface loses its link state, then VRRP will decrement its priority over a VRID by the specified delta value and then will send out a new VRRP HELLO packet. If the new effective priority is less than the priority a backup platform has, then the backup platform will beging to send out its own HELLO packet.

Once the master sees this packet with a priority greater than its own, then it releases the VIP.


Q3 – New

What is the benefit of “tw monitor” over “tcpdump”?

A. “fw monitor” reveals Layer 2 information, while “tcpdump” acts at Layer 3.
B. “fw monitor” is also available for 64-Bit operating systems.
C. With “fw monitor”, you can see the inspection points, which cannot be seen in “tcpdump”
D. “fw monitor” can be used from the CLI of the Management Server to collect information from multiple gateways.

Correct Answer: C

Q4 – New

Which is NOT a SmartEvent component?

A. SmartEvent Server
B. Correlation Unit
C. Log Consolidator
D. Log Server

Correct Answer: C

Q5 – New

Selecting an event displays its configurable properties in the Detail pane and a description of the event in the Description pane. Which is NOT an option to adjust or configure?

A. Severity
B. Automatic reactions
C. Policy
D. Threshold

Correct Answer: C


Q6 – New

In R80.10, how do you manage your Mobile Access Policy?

A. Through the Unified Policy
B. Through the Mobile Console
C. From SmartDashboard
D. From the Dedicated Mobility Tab

Correct Answer: A

Q7 – New

Which blades and or features are not supported in R80?

A. SmartEvent Maps
B. SmartEvent
C. Identity Awareness
D. SmartConsole Toolbars

Correct Answer: A

Q8 – New

True or False: In a Distributed Environment, a Central License can be installed via CLI on a Security Gateway.

A. True, CLI is the prefer method for Licensing
B. False, Central License are handled via Security Management Server
C. False, Central Licenses are installed via Gaia on Security Gateways
D. True, Central License can be installed with CPLIC command on a Security Gateway

Correct Answer: D

Q9 – New

If there are two administration logged in at the same time to the SmartConsole, and there are objects locked for editing, what must be done to make them available or other administrators? (Choose the BEST answer.)

A. Publish or discard the session.
B. Revert the session.
C. Save and install the Policy.
D. Delete older versions of database.

Correct Answer: A


Q10 – New

Session unique identifiers are passed to the web api using which http header option?

A. X-chkp-sid
B. Accept-Charset
C. Proxy-Authorization
D. Application

Correct Answer: C

Q11 – New

SmartEvent has several components that function together to track security threats. What is the function of the Correlation Unit as a component of this architecture?

A. Analyzes each log entry as it arrives at the log server according to the Event Policy. When a threat pattern is
identified, an event is forwarded to the SmartEvent Server.
B. Correlates all the identified threats with the consolidation policy.
C. Collects syslog data from third party devices and saves them to the database.
D. Connects with the SmartEvent Client when generating threat reports.

Correct Answer: A

Q12 – New

When doing a Stand-Alone Installation, you would install the Security Management Server with which other Check Point architecture component?

A. None, Security Management Server would be installed by itself.
B. SmartConsole
C. SecureClient
D. Security Gateway
E. SmartEvent

Correct Answer: D


Q13 – New

When requiring certificates for mobile devices, make sure the authentication method is set to one of the following, Username and Password, RADIUS or _______.

A. SecureID
B. SecurID
C. Complexity
D. TacAcs

Correct Answer: B


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