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Latest Prep Material 1Z0-1082-21 Exam Questions 2023 | Free

Q1. Which Is a valid set with report objects, when designing reports in Financial Reporting Web Studio?

A. Tables, Charts, Text, KPIs
B. Grids, Charts, Profit Curves, Text
C. Text, Charts, Grids, Images
D. Charts, KPIs, Profit Curves. Tables

Correct Answer: C

Q2. Which two statements are true about allocation tracing?

A. You can trace allocation inputs and outputs both forward and backward.
B. You select the rule you want to trace In the trace parameters.
C. Allocation traces can be performed across multiple business dimensions simultaneously.
D. It is a graphical representation of how allocations flow in and out of application elements.

Correct Answer: AD

Q3. Which Is a TNCORRFCT way to execute a data load rule In Data Management?

A. Execute option on the Data Load Rule screen
B. Run the Integration option on the Workflow lab
C. Batch Execution option on the Workflow tab
D. Import Source option on the Data Load Workbench screen

Correct Answer: A

Q4. You want to limit the slices of data your users can view or work with. Which two security mechanisms can you use?

A. Security filters
B. Service roles
C. User groups
D. Application roles
E. Data grants

Correct Answer: AD

Q5. What Is the maximum number of screens a Dashboard can display at one time?

A. 8
B. 9
C. 6
D. 4
Correct Answer: C

Q6. Which custom calculation formula Is syntactically correct?

A. [Adjustment In]= ([Input], [Rule]) * .15;
B. [Adjustment In]= ([Input], (Rule]) * .15
C. [Adjustment In]:= ([Input], [Rule]) * .15;
D. [Adjustment In]:= [Input],[Rule] *.15
E. (Adjustment In)= (Input, Rule) – .15;

Correct Answer: A

Q7. Which two are required steps In creating an allocation rule?

A. Assign the rule sequence number,
B. Create at least one global context.
C. Create a rule set for the rule.
D. Create a rule set the context.

Correct Answer: CD

Q8. Your business process includes a series of allocations where administrative costs are allocated from HR to TT and Finance, from IT to Finance and HR, and from Finance to HR and IT. Which calculation option should you select for the rule set that Includes these allocations?

A. Iterative Execution
B. Circular Execution
C. Batch Execution
D. Serial Execution
E. Parallel Execution

Correct Answer: A

Q9. Which types of dimensions do you use to define model views?

A. Business dimensions only
B. Business dimensions, POV dimensions
C. Business dimensions, POV dimensions. System dimensions
D. POV dimensions. System dimensions

Correct Answer: C

Q10. Which three are valid ways to create Profitability and Cost Management applications?

A. Import a backup snapshot from another instance of Profitability and Cost Management,
B. Create a custom application with dimensions from Hal’s files.
C. Create a custom application from an Essbase outline file.
D. Create a custom application with no dimensions, then create and load dimensions in Data Management.
E. Migrate an exported on-premises Profitability and Cost Management application using a migration template file.

Correct Answer: ACE

Q11. Assume the computer hardware supports parallel calculation. Given these two rule sets, in what order will the rules be calculated?

A. Rule 1, Rule A, and Rule 5 will run In parallel; then Rule 2, Rule, 3, and Rule 6 will run in parallel (two separate calculation steps).
B. Rule 1; then Rule 2 and Rule 3 will run in parallel; then Rule 4 and Rule 5 will run in parallel; then Rule 6 (four separate calculation steps).
C. Rule 1, Rule A, and Rule 5 will run in parallel while Rule 2, Rule 3, and Rule 6 also run in parallel (one calculation step).
D. Rule 1; then Rule 4 and Rule 5 will run in parallel; then Rule 2 and Rule 3 will run in parallel; then Rule 6 (four separate calculation steps).

Correct Answer: B

Q12. Which Is NOT a valid Point of View (POV) state?

A. Archived
B. Final
C. Published
D. Draft

Correct Answer: A

Q13. Which two system-level settings are not also user-level settings In Data Management?

A. Global POV profile settings
B. the level of detail displayed In logs
C. File character set
D. The column delimiter value when exporting member mappings
E. Whether archived files are copied or moved to the archive location

Correct Answer: AC

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