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Exam Code: 70-773
Exam Name: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (beta)
Updated: Jul 29, 2017
Q&As: 102

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1.Which statement is true about digital signals as a receiver moves further away from
the transmitter?
A. The gain is higher.
B. The amplitude is lower.
C. The amplitude is higher.
D. The delay spread increases.
70-773 pdf Answer: B
2.Why should you use more than one antenna on an Access Point? (Choose two.)
A. The coverage area is larger.
B. An Access Point cannot operate with only one antenna.
C. Null zones within the coverage area are reduced or eliminated.
D. Reception is better if the transmitter is at the edge of the range.
Answer: CD
3.Which type is ambient RF background noise?
A. wideband
B. sideband
C. edgeband
D. narrowband
70-773 exam Answer: A
4.What are antennas that radiate a toroid-shaped pattern?
A. broadband
B. directional
C. omni-directional
D. multi-directional
Answer: C
5.What is multipathing?
A. radio signals being reflected, refracted, and absorbed
B. a method used by wireless Access Points to correctly route traffic
C. a part of the design process used to determine Access Point location
D. a method used by mobile units to determine the best Access Point to associate with
70-773 dumps Answer: A
6.What is FHSS?
A. Full Heterodyne Spread Spectrum

B. Frequency Hash Streaming System
C. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
D. Function Harmonics Spread Sequence
Answer: C
7.Which two are characteristics of narrow band RF transmissions? (Choose two.)
A. require smaller antenna radiators
B. have an inherent high level of diversity
C. occupy less RF space than wideband RF transmissions
D. are more susceptible to interference than wideband RF transmissions
70-773 vce Answer: CD
8.What is DSSS?
A. Digital Signal Stream System
B. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
C. Doppler Sending Spread Spectrum
D. Designated System Spread Spectrum
Answer: B
9.Which type of network should you use for wireless communication between a
workstation and its peripherals?
A. Wide Area Network (WAN)
B. Local Area Network (LAN)
C. Personal Area Network (PAN)
D. Satellite Area Network (SAN)
70-773 pdf Answer: C
10.What is the width of a single channel used by FHSS systems?
A. 1 MHz
B. 2 MHz
C. 11 MHz
D. 22 MHz
Answer: A

11.Working with a retailer on a site survey, they ask if there’s any way to get more of the aisle and less of the
shelves on the short sides in the shot. An AXIS M3204 camera is being used. Which would be the best
suggestion to the retailer?
A. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 10 mm
B. Adjusting the varifocal lens from 2.8 mm to 4 mm

C. Using Axis’ Corridor Format
D. Switching the camera to a 16:9 view
70-773 vce 
Correct Answer: C
12.The capability to view and record up to four different areas of the whole image of an AXIS P1346 is called
A. Multicast streaming.
B. Multi-view streaming.
C. Broadcast streaming.
D. Multi-link streaming.
Correct Answer: B
13.What is the appropriate usage for an Axis thermal camera?
A. Identifying people in complete darkness
B. Detecting motion only at nighttime
C. Measuring exact temperatures in daytime
D. Detecting activity in daylight and complete darkness
70-773 exam 
Correct Answer: D
14.Increase of bandwidth and storage can be a result of (Choose two)
A. Changing from Motion JPEG to H.264.
B. Arctic Temperature Control.
C. High noise level.
D. The use of High PoE.
E. Image resolution.
Correct Answer: CE
15.A camera lens with a low f-stop value of 1.2 will outperform a lens with a higher f- stop value due to which
one of the parameters below?
A. Better depth of field
B. Better low light capability
C. Improved sharpness
D. Less image artifacts
70-773 dumps 
Correct Answer: B
16. A customer wants his video surveillance system to completely cover the perimeter of his property. For the
installer to ensure that the camera system is not subject to sabotage, he should
A. Install more low-priced cameras to cover the complete site.
B. Make sure each camera is seen by at least one other camera.
C. Use PoE, and not a PoE splitter.
D. Install thermal cameras.
Correct Answer: B

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