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Exam Code: HP0-J73
Exam Name: Foundations of HP Storage Solutions
Q&As: 114

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HP0-J73 dumps

Which features would lead you to position an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 as a replacement for an existing
HP 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array? (Select two)
A. Similar feature set
B. Compatible replication protocol
C. Faster disk spindle speeds
D. Thin provisioning
E. Seamless data migration
HP0-J73 exam Correct Answer: DE
Which drive interconnect technology uses SCSI commands and a serial bus?
Correct Answer: A
Which device facilitates the migration of data between heterogeneous storage systems?
A. HP SN6000
B. HP 2408
C. HP MPX200
D. HP SN8000C
HP0-J73 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which HP-hosted portal can be used to collect and share customer hardware details, warranties, and
support contracts?
A. HP System Management homepage
B. HP Smart Update Portal
C. HP Insight Online
D. HP Insight Control
Correct Answer: C
A leading retail, corporate, and investment bank serves approximately 15 million customers within Central
and Eastern Europe. They have older P4000 storage systems and want to implements the latest HP Store
Virtual 4000 model. Some of their volumes that support critical applications must be moved over to the new
Which HP technology enables this action without stopping the applications?
A. HP Peer Federation
B. HP pMotion
C. HP Remote Motion
D. HP Peer Motion

HP0-J73 pdf Correct Answer: D
When designing an HP Virtual connect FlexFabric network, how many downlink connections can be
configured per module pair to an HP ProLiant BL460c. Gen8 server with an HP FlexFabric 2-port
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
Correct Answer: C
You have recommended a new storage solution to your customer and have already created your design
with the HP Storage Sizer. The next step is to provide them a budgetary quote.
What is the best way to create the quote?
A. Send your design to HP and ask them to help.
B. Cut and paste the data into an Excel spreadsheet.
C. Push the Quote button in the HP Storage Sizer.
D. Export the data to SBW and use the Quoter tool.
HP0-J73 vce Correct Answer: D
A customer has a head office with a number of branch offices that have no local servers. The customer
requires a file-serving solution that provides these benefits:
Which solution should you propose to meet the customer requirements?
A. HP StoreAll 9000 Storage
B. HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage
C. HP StoreSure 2000 Storage
D. HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage
Correct Answer: B
A customer requires a solution providing a Network Attached Storage (NAS) environment. The
environment must allow clients to continue to work uninterrupted during a failure of any of the NAS file
server cluster nodes.
Which feature of an HP StoreEasy solution supports automatic multiple network pathing and aggregates
A. Hosted Branch Cache
B. Single instance Storage (SIS)
C. File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
D. Server Message Block (SMB) v3
HP0-J73 exam Correct Answer: D
When designing a solution, what is the best use-case for Solid State Disk drives?
A. To facilitate big sequential writes

B. In non-mission-critical environments
C. For backup to disk solutions
D. For mission-critical server applications, databases, and online storage
Correct Answer: D
What are HP iLO Management Engine features? (Select two.)
A. Intelligent Provisioning
B. Utilization Manager
C. BIOS Vaccine
D. Agentless Management
E. Lights-Out Recovery
HP0-J73 dumps Correct Answer: AD
A CIO is interested in moving their infrastructure to a private cloud solution in the future. The consultant
advises implementing an HP Virtual System.
Which stage of migration is the HP Virtual System positioned?
A. Virtualize and automate
B. Self-service virtualization infrastructure
C. Self-service applications with lifecycle management
D. Standardize and consolidate
Correct Answer: A
You have been asked to design a solution that allows a customer to migrate from HP 3PAR F400that is at
capacity and nearly three years old. The customer is evaluating the new HP 3PAR StoreServ7400. One of
the major considerations is online data migration.
Which HP 3PAR StoreServ functionality should you recommend to perform this migration?
A. OnlineExport
B. Peer Persistence
C. Remote Copy
D. Peer Motion
HP0-J73 pdf Correct Answer: D
Which HP strategy supports a storage customer during migrations to prevent downtime?
A. federated storage
B. storage tiering
C. Deduplication
D. LUN-binding
Correct Answer: A
Which advantage does a spinning media drive have over an SSD drive?
A. No long term data loss in unpowered drives

B. Lower cooling needs
C. Higher sequential write rates
D. Quicker start up time
HP0-J73 vce Correct Answer: A
Which HP management tool does Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) plug in to?
A. HP Integrated Remote Console (IRC)
B. HP Enclosure Firmware Management (EFM)
C. HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)
D. HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi)
Correct Answer: C
Which HP StoreVirtual feature is unique to the P4900 G2 Storage System?
A. support for hardware RAID 10
B. support for Network RAID 5 only
C. 8Gb FC node connectivity
D. SmartSSD Wear Gauge in CMC
HP0-J73 exam Correct Answer: D
Which description is true of Federated Storage?
A. spontaneous migration of heavily utilized blocks of data
B. non-disruptive data movement between storage systems in a peer-to-peer relationship
C. interoperation of storage systems in a heterogeneous multi-vendor environment
D. dynamic storage system expansion with no downtime
Correct Answer: C
What does an Instant-On Enterprise need to achieve business agility, operational efficiencies, and
improved risk management?
A. management
B. standardization
C. consolidation
D. innovation
HP0-J73 dumps Correct Answer: D
An online gaming company is using vMotion to move a running virtual machine (VM) from one physical
host to another without turning off the VM. Which HP Intelligent Management Center module manages the
VM migration?
A. Network Traffic Analyzer
B. Virtual Network Manager
C. Virtual Connect Manager
D. Wireless Services Manager

Correct Answer: C

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