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Exam Code:70-487
Exam Name: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
Updated: Jun 13, 2017
Q&As: 113
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Testlet 1
Topic 1, Scenario 1
You are developing a flight information consolidation service. The service retrieves flight information from a number of sources and combines them into a single
data set. The consolidated flight information is stored in a SQL Server database. Customers can query and retrieve the data by using a REST API provided by the
The service also offers access to historical flight information. The historical flight information can be filtered and queried in an ad hoc manner.
The service runs on a Windows Azure Web Role. SSL is not used.
Business Requirements
A new data source for historical flight information is being developed by a contractor located on another continent.
If a time zone is not specified, then it should be interpreted as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
When you upgrade a service from a staging deployment to a production deployment, the time that the service is unavailable must be minimized.
The default port must be used for HTTP.
Technical Requirements
The existing sources of flight information and the mechanism of exchange are listed below.
Blue Yonder Airlines provides flight information in an XML file.
Consolidated Messenger provides flight information in a Microsoft Access database that is uploaded every 12 hours to the service using SFTP. The company
uses port 22 for SFTP.
Margie’s Travel provides and consumes flight information using serialized ADO.NET DataSets. Data is periodically synced between the service and Margie’s
Trey Research provides data from multiple sources serialized in proprietary binary formats. The data must be read by using .NET assemblies provided by Trey
Research. The assemblies use a common set of dependencies. The current version of the Trey Research assemblies is All assemblies provided by
Trey Research are signed with a key pair contained in a file named Trey.snk, which Trey Research also supplies.
The application specification requires that any third-party assemblies must have strong names.


You need to recommend a data access technology to the contractor to retrieve data from the new data source.
Which data access technology should you recommend?
B. ADO.NET Entity Framework
C. ADO.NET DataSets
D. WCF Data Services
Correct Answer: D

Errors occasionally occur when saving data using the FlightInfoContext ADO.NET Entity Framework context. Updates to the data are being lost when an error
You need to ensure that data is still saved when an error occurs by retrying the operation. No more than five retries should be performed.
Which code segment should you use as the body of the SaveChanges() method in the file?



Correct Answer: A

You are adding a new REST service endpoint to the FlightDataController controller. It returns flights from the consolidated data sources only for flights that are
You need to write a LINQ to Entities query to extract the required data.
Which code segment should you use?

Correct Answer: D
D is right because you send result as REST so if you use “AsQueryable” the result is deferred to the next enumeration of your result.
D is not optimized but will works.
A will break at runtime.
Credits to Rem

Data provided by Consolidated Messenger is cached in the HttpContext.Cache object.
You need to ensure that the cache is correctly updated when new data arrives.
What should you do?
A. Ensure that the EffectivePrivateBytesLimit value is greater than the size of the database file.
B. Change the sliding expiration of the cache item to 12 hours.
C. Use the SqlCacheDependency type configured with a connection string to the database file.
D. Use the CacheDependency type configured to monitor the SFTP target folder.
Correct Answer: D
Explanation/Reference: 70-487

You need to load flight information provided by Consolidated Messenger.
Which should you use?
A. SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS)
B. EntityTransaction and EntityCommand
C. Office Open XML
D. OleDbConnection and OleDbDataReader
Correct Answer: D

You are adding a new REST service endpoint to the FlightDataController controller that returns the total number of seats for each airline.
You need to write a LINQ to Entities query to extract the required data.
Which code segment should you use?


Correct Answer: D

You need to load flight information provided by Consolidated Messenger.
What should you use?
A. Office Open XML
B. COM interop
C. OleDbConnection and OleDbDataReader
D. EntityConnection and EntityDataReader
Correct Answer: C

Historical flight information data will be stored in Windows Azure Table Storage using the FlightInfo class as the table entity.
There are millions of entries in the table. Queries for historical flight information specify a set of airlines to search and whether the query should return only late
flights. Results should be ordered by flight name.
You need to specify which properties of the FlightInfo class should be used at the partition and row keys to ensure that query results are returned as quickly as
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Use the WasLate property as the row key.
B. Use the Airline property as the row key.
C. Use the WasLate property as the partition key
D. Use the Arrival property as the row key.
E. Use the Airline property as the partition key.
F. Use the Flight property as the row key.
Correct Answer: BF

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