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Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure iSCSI based shared storage for XenServer with multi- pathing. The iSCSI SAN has two targets: one on subnet 10.10.10.x and one on subnet 10.10.20.x. How should the engineer configure iSCSI-based shared storage for XenServer with multi- pathing?
A. Create two virtual private networks.
B. Create management interfaces on each storage subnet.
C. Create VLAN tagging on two NICs attached to the iSCSI networks.
D. Create a bonded network for bonded NICs across all storage subnets.
1Y0-301 exam Correct Answer: B
Scenario: Citrix Profile Management is deployed in a XenDesktop environment. A Citrix Engineer set up group policies and configured the .INI file on Desktop OS machines for Citrix Profile Management. What will take precedence if there is a conflict?andquot;
A. Local Policy
B. Group Policy
C. UPMPolicyDefaults_All.ini
D. XenDesktop Policy set in Citrix Studio
Correct Answer: B
Where should a Citrix Engineer set up a restart schedule for a pool of Server OS machines?
A. Policy within Citrix Studio
B. Delivery Group properties
C. Virtual machine properties

D. Machine catalog properties
1Y0-301 dumps Correct Answer: B
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy Citrix Receiver using a custom Client Name value. The engineer uses the install command CitrixReceiver / CLIENT_NAME=Terminal. A user later renames the computer and the custom client name is lost. Which additional install parameter could the engineer have used to prevent the custom client name from being lost?
Correct Answer: D
Which two Windows components can be selected using the Provisioning Services Device Optimization Tool? (Choose two.)
A. Search
B. Firewall
C. SuperFetch
D. Screen Saver
E. TCP/IP Offload
1Y0-301 pdf Correct Answer: AC
Which statement accurately describes the purpose of StoreFront beacons?
A. Determine which servers are up in a highly available StoreFront server group.
B. Sent to XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controllers to determine which resources a user has access to.
C. Allow StoreFront to automatically update receiver clients when a beacon from an old receiver client is received.
D. Determine whether a user is connected to a local network or connecting from the Internet so that the appropriate connection details can be passed to Citrix Receiver.
Correct Answer: D
A Citrix Engineer is preparing a Windows 7 master image for use with Provisioning Services, but has encountered  issues with Key Management Services (KMS). Which command should the engineer execute on the image prior to deploying it in Standard mode?
A. slmgr /rlic
B. slmgr /ato
C. slmg /cpky
D. slmgr /rearm
Correct Answer: D
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a device collection of new vGPU-enabled virtual desktops in Provisioning Services. The collection needs to be made available as part of an existing machine catalog in Citrix Studio. Which wizard should the engineer run to accomplish this task?
A. Import Device Wizard
B. XenDesktop Setup Wizard
C. Create Machine Catalog Wizard
D. Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard
Correct Answer: B
Which two of the listed elements does a Citrix Engineer need to verify when adding a Delivery Controller to an existing XenDesktop site? (Choose two.)
A. Citrix Policies
B. Windows Firewall
C. Database platform version
D. Site database permissions
E. OS version of Server and Desktop OS machines
1Y0-301 exam Correct Answer: BD
Scenario: StoreFront is currently being used to access internal resources. A Citrix Engineer needs to create a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to access a store internally and externally for the current StoreFront server. The internal FQDN is and the external FQDN is Which kind of certificate should the engineer generate to support a wide range of unmanaged devices?
A. Self-signed server certificate

B. Third-party signed server certificate
C. Third-party multi-domain certificate with Subject Alternative Name
D. Enterprise Root CA Signed certificate with Subject Alternative Name
Correct Answer: C
How should a Citrix Engineer configure Citrix Director to support user search in a multi-forest Active Directory environment?
A. Create a separate monitoring database.
B. Modify the application settings of the Citrix Director website in the IIS console.
C. Install at least one Delivery Controller in each forest and use DNS round-robin.
D. Install at least one Citrix Director server in each forest and load balance them with NetScaler.
1Y0-301 dumps Correct Answer: B
When should a Citrix Engineer implement the Remote PC Access FlexCast model?
A. When users need to bring their own non-domain device (BYOD).
B. When users need to use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to existing desktops.
C. When users need to connect to existing desktops in the environment with specialized hardware installed.
D. When users need to connect to WiFi-connected laptops in the environment with specialized software installed.
Correct Answer: C

Which two steps must be completed to get Embedded Voice Mail (EVM) Dial by Name to work correctly? (Choose two.)
A. Add names to the system directory.
B. Users need to record theirnames.
C. Configure DialBy Name action off Auto Attendant.
D. EmbeddedVoicemail code is set.
1Y0-301 pdf 
Correct Answer: AB
When manually setting up an IP telephone, which setting represents the IP address of the IP Office?
A. Phonetyp
B. SwitchSv
C. CallSv
D. Filetyp
Correct Answer: C
Which two features arc supported by the Embedded Voicemail on the IP Office platform? (Choose two.)
A. Network Mailbox
B. Voicemail to Email
C. Virtual DistributionList
D. Public Distribution Box
E. DTMFBreakout from mailbox
Correct Answer: BE
In the exhibit, the User Profile for Amy Clement shows button programming. All buttons have a small lock that appears to the left of the button. What does the lock indicate?
A. The buttons can be changed or configured by the user.
B. The buttons only appearwhen the useris set to be a Public User.

C. The buttons have been programmed within User Rights.
D. The buttons ate unavailable to users setas Basic Worker.
Correct Answer: C
The customer wants to rack mount an IP500 system. The room that the system will be installed in has a 25″ width rack with space in it. Which additional equipment is needed to install the system in a rack?
A. a Standard 19″ Rack
B. yellow2meterinterconnect cables
C. an Uninterruptable Power Supply
D. an IP400 Rack Mounting Kit
1Y0-301 exam
Correct Answer: A
In Manager, where can the voicemail type be selected for the IP Office to use Embedded Voicemail?
A. Line form
B. User form
C. System form
D. Auto Attendant form
Correct Answer: C
Given the following System Short Codes and system settings: What will happen if a user attempts to dial the 500 Short Code?
A. Extension 203 will be dialed.
B. Extension 210 will be dialed
C. Extension 210 will be dialed after 4 seconds.
D. The system will timeout and no extension will be dialed.
1Y0-301 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Given the following Short Codes and system settings: What will happen after a user dials 500?
A. The system will waitforadditional digits and timeout if no additional digits are presented.
B. The system will immediately present a wave off tone as thereis a conflict.

C. The system will immediately dial Extn203.
D. The system willdial Extn 203 after four seconds.
Correct Answer: D
A customer with digital stations uses their outbound digital lines at 95% of capacity. Which variable should be considered when planning for future growth?
A. the number of VCM channels
B. the number of hunt groups
C. the number of users
D. the number of trunks
1Y0-301 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
Which tool can be used to convert .wav files to the formats used by Embedded Voicemail?
A. Advanced File Upgrade
B. HTMLconverter
C. Save Files asfeature within Manager
D. LVM Greeting Utility
Correct Answer: D
On a customer system only three out of four analog trunks are connected to a provider. What should be configured for the fourth trunk port?
A. The Trunk has to be set to Out of Service.
B. The Line GroupID needs to be set toDefault.
C. TheIncoming Call Route needs to be set to DataCall.
D. The Line Appearance ID should be set to 700.
Correct Answer: A
How is an Auto Attendant tested if the lines are not yet installed?
A. Dial the default Short Code*91#.
B. Call the Voicemail Start Code *77.
C. Call the Voicemail Announcement Code *8101.
D. Create and dial a new Auto Attendant Short Code.
Correct Answer: D
A customer wants to use Avaya 16xx Series IP Phones. Which DHCP option is used for these telephone types?
A. 176
B. 242
C. 255
D. 384
1Y0-301 exam
Correct Answer: B
Which feature will allow incoming calls to be routed appropriately during business hours?
A. IP Protocol
B. Time Profile
C. Firewall Profile
D. Alternate Network Selection
Correct Answer: B
Which hunt group feature will send all calls automatically to the second group if the first group is out of service?
A. Fallback
B. Advertise Group
C. No Answer Time
D. Call Waiting
1Y0-301 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
A customer uses a call accounting system and account codes in the IP Office to keep track of billable time spent with their clients when on the telephone. They want to have the IP Office automatically associate the account code when calls are made to or from their clients. What needs to be programmed to accomplish this?
A. Enable CLItracking.
B. Add the CLI information to the Account Code.
C. Add the client CLIinformation to the Incoming Call Route.
D. Enable Forced Account Code on the Incoming Call Route created for the client CLI.
Correct Answer: B
A customer location is prone to severe thunderstorms in the summer season. Which two preventive actions should be recommended? (Choose two.)
A. Install an external generator.
B. Ensure a functional grounding system is installed and utilized.
C. Only use shielded twisted pair cabling.
D. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or Battery Backup.
1Y0-301 pdf 
Correct Answer: BD
The IP Office can have user’s extension numbers that range from one to nine digits. Additional considerations should be made when planning and assigning extension numbers for hunt groups and users. Which two are best practices when creating a uniform dial plan In the IP Office? (Choose two.)
A. All extensions should have the same length of digits.
B. Users and hunt groups must have duplicate extension numbers as long as both reside in different IP Offices in a Small Community Network.
C. Users and Groups shouldhave unique extension numbers in all IP Offices in a SmallCommunityNetwork.
D. All user’s extensions should match a physicalline as long as both reside in different IP Offices In a Small Community Network.

Correct Answer: AC
Calls into a hunt group are queuing but the hunt group callers are not getting the queuing messages. Which feature controls this behavior?
A. Enable Announcements
B. Enable Normalize Queue Length
C. EnableQueue Security
D. EnableCalls in QueueTransfer
1Y0-301 exam
Correct Answer: A
Which application within the IP Office product suite provides the ability for call recording?
A. one-X® Portal
B. VoiceMail Pro
C. Customer Call Reporter
D. IP Office Manager
Correct Answer: B
Which application should be used when upgrading the core software on the IP500v2 control unit?
A. the Upgrade Wizard in the Security Application
B. the Download Wizard via built in Network Interface
C. the Upgrade Wizard in the Manager Application
D. the Download Wizard in the Embedded Monitoring Management
1Y0-301 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
IP Office 500V2 with a System SD card offers Embedded Voicemail.
What is the maximum storage capacity for voicemails?
A. 15 hours
B. 20 hours
C. 25 hours
D. 40 hours
Correct Answer: A

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