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The Cloud-Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) exam is also known as the JN0-212 exam. It is a 90-minute exam in which you answer 65 multiple-choice questions that examine the architecture of proven cloud networks such as multi-clouds, software-defined networking, SD-WAN, and other cloud technologies.

What resources are available to pass the Cloud-Associate (JNCIA-Cloud) exam?

  • Getting Started with Cloud
  • Juniper Networks Cloud Fundamentals
  • Industry/product knowledge
  • Juniper TechLibrary
  • Juniper Learning Portal

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Questions For The Free Juniper JN0-212 Exam Updated 2022-11



Which type of SDN is shown in the exhibit?

A. API-based SDN
B. OpenFlow-based SDN
C. SDN as an overlay
D. SDN as an underlay

Correct Answer: B


Which two statements describe virtual network functions (VNFs)? (Choose two)

A. VNFs are provided at a customer\\’s site or telco cloud
B. VNFs represents the service that monitors and tracks whether the services are performing according to design
C. VNFs represent the infrastructure that comprises the telco underlay network
D. VNFs can be deployed as a software function within a single x86 platform

Correct Answer: AC


What are three orchestrators that integrate with Contrail? (Choose three)

A. VirtualBox
B. Kubernetes
C. Ubuntu
D. OpenStack
E. vSphere

Correct Answer: BDE


Which two statements describe cloud CPE? (Choose two.)

A. Cloud CPE requires heavy investment in vendor-specific hardware
B. Cloud CPE encourages administrators to use all-in-one appliances
C. Cloud CPE allows multivendor, open support of software-based functions
D. Cloud CPE eliminates the need for investing in expensive hardware

Correct Answer: BD


Which two products are required when deploying vSRX as a partner security service in VMware NSX? (Choose two)

A. VMware vROPs
B. VMware NSX manager
C. Junos Space Security Director
D. IDP sensor

Correct Answer: BC


Which Juniper product provides insight into the underlay and overly network at the same time?

A. Security director
B. Juniper Extension Toolkit
C. Edge services director
D. Contrail Analytics

Correct Answer: D


What are two concepts of private cloud? (Choose two)

A. Resources are dedicated to your organization
B. Resources are accessed through a private connection
C. Non-critical resources are located outside of your organization
D. Resources are not secured by firewalls

Correct Answer: AB


Which statement is true about the vSRX Series and VMware NSX integration?

A. The NSX Distributed Firewall provides a container based layer of protection.
B. VMware NSX provides advanced Layer 4 through Layer 7 security services.
C. You can add the vSRX virtual firewall as a security element in the VMware NSX environment.
D. The NSX Distributed Firewall users application identification.

Correct Answer: C


Your company has three connections consisting of MPLS, Internet, and wireless connections, respectively. You must separate traffic according to the type of application sending that traffic across the three links. Which product will facilitate this requirement?

A. Contrail SD-WAN
B. Contrail Cloud
C. Contrail networking
D. Contrail SD-LAN

Correct Answer: A


You want to prevent a single point of failure in your underlay network. Which two protocols would be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two)


Correct Answer: AC


Which two protocols would be used by the NorthStar controller to provision tunnels on an edge router? (Choose two)


Correct Answer: BC


Which statement defines a public cloud?

A. The cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more strict cloud infrastructures
B. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific community of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns
C. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers
D. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for open use by the general Public

Correct Answer: D


You are using the NorthStar Controller to manage your WAN. You are required to remove a node from the network for maintenance purposes. You want to compute and provision alternate forwarding paths so that traffic is re-touted around the node being taken offline for maintenance. Which NorthStar Controller feature would be used in this scenario?

A. path diversity
B. maintenance mode
C. shared risk link groups
D. node diversity

Correct Answer: B


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