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The JN0-1302 exam is also known as the Data Center Design, Specialist (JNCDS-DC) exam. Pass the JN0-1302 exam to earn the Data Center Design, Specialist (JNCDS-DC) certification, which is one of the JDDS-DC certification directions. You must be certified by JNCDA to take this exam. The JN0-1302 exam is a 90-minute exam consisting of a written exam plus 65 multiple-choice questions.

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You are asked to propose a solution to interconnect two remote data centers over the Internet. The traffic that will be
traversing this connection is very sensitive and must be encrypted between the two sites. In this scenario, which solution should you propose?

A. MPLS Layer 3 VPN
B. IPsec VPN

Correct Answer: B


Click the Exhibit button.

You are in discussions with the WAN team about implementing a Data Center interconnect between DC-A and DC-B, as
shown in the exhibit. What are two protocols that would support your Data Center Interconnect requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 3 VPN

Correct Answer: AC


Click the Exhibit button.

You need to ensure that no single point of failure exists in a new data center that will be deployed. Referring to the
exhibit, which two technologies will accomplish this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Chassis

Correct Answer: AC


Which two statements are correct when considering redundancy in a data center design? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Chassis is not supported in IP fabric designs.
B. Routing protocols in an IP fabric must support ECMP.
C. Redundant power supplies should be wired to the same PDU.
D. LAG between a server and an IP fabric should be on separate physical leaf devices.

Correct Answer: BD


You are designing a Data Center Interconnect (DCI). You must ensure that the local PE learns the local MAC addresses
and then distributes these learned MAC addresses to the remote PEs using the control
plane. In this scenario, which DCI solution will satisfy the requirements?

A. Ethernet VPN
C. BGP Layer 2 VPNs
D. BGP Layer 2 circuits

Correct Answer: C


Click the Exhibit button.

For a fully configured and functional IP fabric underlay as shown in the exhibit, how many external BGP neighbors are expected to be in the established state for Spine 1?

A. 2
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

Correct Answer: C


You are responsible for the uptime of a Clos IP fabric that has an EBGP implementation. When the EBGP
implementation is restarted on a router, it causes a routing flap. In this scenario, which BGP feature would prevent downtime?

A. EBGP multihop
B. BGP route preference
C. EBGP local preference
D. BGP graceful restart

Correct Answer: D


Your developers have created an application that uses iSCSI for data storage. Although iSCSI is inherently lossless,
they are concerned about potential latency issues due to network congestion and retransmitted packets. In this scenario, what will ensure that the iSCSI traffic is delivered in a timely manner?

A. quantized congestion notification
B. priority flow control
C. data center bridging exchange
D. enhanced transmission selection

Correct Answer: A


You want to reduce the over-subscription ratio of an IP fabric between the leaf nodes and spine nodes. Which two
actions will accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Add spine nodes to the fabric.
B. Increase bandwidth between the spine and leaf.
C. Add leaf nodes to the fabric.
D. Add aggregate links to the servers.

Correct Answer: AB


You are developing an automation strategy and have been given the requirements below.
The tool chosen must be supported by multiple vendors.
The tool chosen must not install a client on the networking devices.
The tool chosen must support open standards communication methods.
Which tool satisfies the requirements?

A. Ansible
C. Chef
D. Puppet

Correct Answer: A


Which two characteristics describe a one-arm firewall deployment? (Choose two.)

A. The number of interfaces required for the infrastructure increases.
B. The flexibility of selective services on the firewall is reduced.
C. All traffic passes through the firewall before passing through the core and aggregation tiers.
D. Select traffic is directed to or bypasses the firewall.

Correct Answer: BD


Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what should you do to increase high availability?

A. Deploy MC-LAG between the access layer and the servers.
B. Deploy MC-LAG between the distribution layer and the access layer.
C. Deploy a chassis cluster at the access layer.
D. Deploy a Virtual Chassis at the distribution layer.

Correct Answer: B


Your data center design must ensure that no access switch can become a single point of failure. Which two actions will
satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Use an MC-LAG between two upstream distribution switches and each access switch.
B. Use a LAG between each access switch and a VRRP interface on a distribution switch.
C. Use a LAG between each server and two or more members of a Virtual Chassis.
D. Use an MC-LAG between two access switches and each server.

Correct Answer: AD

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