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Exam Code: 70-775
Exam Name: Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure HDInsight (beta)
Q&As: 102

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70-775 dumps

1.Which HP sales support tool searches 150 regional price books to ensure financially accurate
quotes and uses rules-based configuration checking to ensure that a quoted solution is
technically accurate?
A.NSS Sizing Tool
B.ESS IT Consolidation Tool
C.Sales Builder for Windows (SBW)
D.Consolidated Model Selection Form (CMSF)
70-775 exam Correct:C
2.When you are quoting a solution for a customer, which HP tool allows you to view your
selections and alerts you to potential conflicts between operating systems and hardware?
A.NSS Sizing Tool
B.ESS IT Consolidation Tool
C.Sales Builder for Windows (SBW)
D.HP Enterprise Configurator
3.Which HP offering allows customers who want to pay for their usage to negotiate a timeframe
for deployment and payment?
A.HP Managed Capacity
B.HP Workload Manager (WLM)
C.HP Software Customer Connection
D.HP instant Capacity on Demand (iCOD)
70-775 dumps Correct:D
4.Click the Task button. Match the configuration tool with the function it performs.
Green choice1—->Yellow Choice1
Green choice2—->Yellow Choice2
Green choice3—->Yellow Choice4
Green choice4—->Yellow Choice3
5.Which HP tool helps customers anticipate their server-related expenses by using
customer-specific data such as labor rates, power costs, and rack configuration rules to create
three-year projections?
A.Customer-Focused Testing (CFT) teams
B.Blade TCO Calculator
C.HP Services Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
D.ESS IT Consolidation Tool
70-775 pdf Correct:B
6.Which tool should you use to create a server or storage-centric solution that provides a growth
path with HP and estimates total cost of ownership?
A.Sales Builder Worksheet
B.SAN Design Guide
C.ESS IT Consolidation Tool
D.NSS Sizer
7.After meeting with IT managers at a global service provider, you have recommended a new
deployment of HP Itanium servers and HP EVA5000 storage systems. The CIO of this consulting
firm has asked you for additional assistance integrating their new resources with business goals,
especially as these goals relate to their growing client information database. Which HP service
offering will best help them relate their IT infrastructure evolution to business growth?
A.HP Customer Care
B.HP Software services
C.HP Business Systems Evolution Program
D.Network Storage Services (NSSv)
70-775 vce Correct:D
8.Which HP competitor has only recently begun to develop storage systems that conform to
industry standards established by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) for
heterogeneous storage systems?
9.You are designing a solution for a large air traffic control project that requires a fully integrated
stack of servers that will provide the least amount of downtime and the highest degree of data
integrity. Which HP servers would best fit the requirements of this project?
A.HP 9000 servers
B.HP Integrity servers C.HP
ProLiant servers D.HP
NonStop servers E.HP
AlphaServer systems
70-775 exam Correct:D
10.Which server should you recommend for a customer who requires an ultra-thin,
dual-processor capable, high-performance server with on-board manageability, redundant NICs,
and a built-in HP Smart Array controller?

A.ProLiant ML350 G3
B.ProLiant DL360 G3
C.ProLiant ML370 G3
D.ProLiant DL380 G3
11.A medium-sized enterprise customer needs to offload network traffic associated with storage
access onto a separate network to effect lower latency and more efficient resource utilization.
This target customer is an ideal candidate for which HP product?
A.HP XP storage system
B.Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage system
C.Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) storage system
D.Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) storage system
70-775 dumps Correct:C
12.For which role is the HP EVA3000 storage system most appropriate? a primary-tier storage utility in a fast-growing corporation a stand-alone storage utility in a large-capacity environment a primary-tier storage utility in a small data center a modular storage utility for the high end of the enterprise
13.Select the statement that best describes the changing nature of data centers.
A.Racks of scalable systems are decreasing the wattage per square foot (or meter) and British Thermal
Units (BTU) per hour.
B.The formula for calculating wattage and BTU averages the power and cooling requirements across the
entire data center.
C.Mainframe computers require more power and cooling than today’s scalable systems.
D.High-density, stackable servers are reducing floor space and increasing the need for power and cooling.
70-775 pdf Correct:D
14.What is the function of the HP StorageWorks SR2122-2 iSCSI Storage Router?
A.It provides any-to-any connectivity.
B.It supports 2Gb and 1Gb mixed environments.
C.It acts as a loop-switching hub to support cascading.
D.It delivers SAN-like environment across an Ethernet network.
E.It enables low-cost or low-bandwidth edge devices to communicate with fabric devices.
15.What aspect of network attached storage/storage attached network (NAS/SAN) fusion
increases the cost-effectiveness of storage for companies with large amounts of operational data?
Select TWO.
A.Scalability allows a company to match its storage infrastructure closely to its storage needs, increasing
return on investment.
B.In-box upgrades anticipate storage system evolution, decreasing total cost of ownership.
C.Decentralization of management tasks enables each department to determine its own service level
objectives (SLOs).
D.Integration of file and block data increases storage network performance and availability.
E.Virtualization of storage systems increases productivity by reducing the risk of downtime.

70-775 vce Correct:A D
16.You have recently convinced a long-term HP 9000 customer that staying with PA-RISC and
HP-UX is the best solution given their current business requirements. The competition has told
your customer that PA-RISC and HP-UX are scheduled to be retired and that the customer will be
left without support. Which elements from the HP roadmaps would resolve their concern? Select
A.HP e3000 MPE to HP Integrity HP-UX roadmap
B.HP 9000 to HP Integrity hardware upgrade roadmaps
C.HP 9000 Linux to HP Integrity and ProLiant roadmap
D.OpenVMS AlphaServer to HP Integrity roadmap
E.published HP commitment to sell new HP 9000 servers until 2006 and support them until at least 2011
Correct:B E

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