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700-070 dumps

Question No : 14 In which situation can the Data Transform rule not be used? (Choose One)
A. To set some properties as the work item advances over a flow connector
B. To copy data from a connector
C. To set initial property values on a SOAP service primary page
D. Interacting with PRPC database
700-070 exam 
Answer: D
Question No : 15
  Your application has leveraged the parent-child mid-process dependency relationship for some of the case types. Which of the following situations should you be concerned with and have your design appropriately avoid? (Choose One)
A. A double instantiation of the child cases
B. A broken process
C. A deadlock condition
D. A critical performance issue
Answer: C
Question No : 16 Which statement is the least accurate regarding draft flow rules? (Choose One)
A. Rule Resolution ignores them
B. This is a good practice as it allows you to test the flow while it is still being built
C. This is a good practice to indicate that your flow is available only for unit testing
D. They should not be moved to production environment
700-070 dumps 
Answer: A
Question No : 17 When is it appropriate to use a spin-off? (Choose One)
A. When you wish to route work to a different department while continuing down the current process path
B. When you wish to run calculations in a separate thread from the current process
C. When you wish to call a connector rule asynchronously
D. When you wish to call multiple connector rules simultaneously
Answer: A
Question No : 18  Which two of the following statements are most accurate about the Split-For-Each and Split-Join shapes? (Choose Two)
A. Both shapes allow you to continue processing when ANY or ALL of the sub processes complete
B. Split-Join allows you to execute different sub-flows whereas Split-For-Each calls the same process on different pages
C. Split-For-Each allows you to execute different sub-flows whereas Split-Join calls the same process on different pages
D. Both shapes create separate Threads for sub-processes they create
E. Split-For-Each can only be used when iterating over a list of work objects
700-070 pdf Answer: A,B
Question No : 19 Which of the following statements about work parties is the least accurate? (Choose One)
A. Data Propagation is the only mechanism to add a work party to a child case
B. Correspondence is primarily sent to work parties
C. The “AddParty” flow action rule allows end users to add a word party to a work item at runtime
D. Multiple work parties on a specific work item may have the same work party role
Answer: A

Question No : 20 Which statement about the BLOB columns is the least accurate? (Choose One)
A. BLOB columns can be encrypted to increase security
B. All tables in PegaRULES database should have a BLOB-type column
C. BLOB columns allow easy storage of complex data structures
D. Content in BLOB columns is extracted from structured columns in the same table
700-070 vce Answer: B
Question No : 21  Using the flow shown below, which flow shapes would allow a reference to a Data Transform rule? (Choose One)
A. The “Create” assignment
B. The “Submit” connector
C. The “Process Engine” uitlity
D. The End shape
Answer: B

Question No : 22 An architect would like to create a report that has data from a work class and the operator who created the work. All of the following are viable mechanisms to do this, except: (Choose One)
A. Configure entries in the “Class Join” part of the report definition
B. Use an association rule between the classes
C. Configure entries in the “Subreports” part of the report definition
D. Configure entries in the “Declarative Index Join” part of the report definition
700-070 exam Answer: D
Question No : 23 Which of the following property types would most appropriately represent a list of ordered line items in a purchase order? (Choose One)
A. Page List
B. Page Group
C. Java Object
D. Value List
E. Value Group
Answer: A
Question No : 24 When using a declarative page to store a list of currency rates used by an entire application, what is the most appropriate scope? (Choose One)
A. Node
B. Requestor
C. Thread
D. Application
700-070 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 25  Which of the following sub classes of MyCo-Data-Person is least appropriate? (Choose One)
A. MyCo-Data-Person-Address
B. MyCo-Data-Person-Employee
C. MyCo-Data-Person-Contractor
D. MyCo-Data-Person-Customer
Answer: A
Question No : 26 What type of property is “Drivers” in the following syntax: .Policy.Drivers(OWNER).Name? (Choose One)
A. Page
B. Page List
C. Page Group
D. Single Value
700-070 pdf Answer: C
Question No : 27 A linked property ___________? (Choose One)
A. is a form of a pointer to an object stored in the PRPC database
B. connects two properties on the clipboard
C. provides a way to update PRPC data objects from a work object
D. is used to dynamically build table joins when reporting
Answer: A
Question No : 28  Which of the following is the best use of a data table? (Choose One)
A. Managing the mapping between account levels and discount rates (approx 10 account levels)
B. Managing the list of rules that should run when pricing a loan (approx 30 rules)
C. Managing a list of valid vendors and their addresses (approx 30 vendors)
D. Managing the effective dates of different discounts (approx 20 discounts each with up to 3 effective dates)
700-070 vce Answer: C
Question No : 29 Connector simu-lations cannot be used in which of the following scenarios? (Choose One)
A. When the data source is temporarily unavailable
B. When the interface has not been defined
C. When testing an application
D. When the service has not been developed
Answer: B
Question No : 30 Which of the following is the most appropriate use of Connect SQL rules? (Choose Two)
A. Execute a stored procedure against an external database
B. Execute custom SQL statements to improve performance of queries and updates to the PegaRULES database
C. Update an external table as part of a distributed transaction
D. Execute SQL statements that contain database vendor specific syntax
E. Execute simple SQL Queries against an external database
700-070 exam Answer: A,D
Question No : 31  For a SOAP Service, PRPC applies rule and data instances in which execution order? (Choose One)
A. 1. Service Package
2. Service Rule
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Activity
5. Map Outbound Data
B. 1. Service Rule
2. Service Package
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Activity
5. Map Outbound Data
C. 1. Map Inbound Data
2. Service Activity
3. Map Outbound Data
4. Service Package
5. Service Rule
D. 1. Map Outbound Data
2. Service Activity
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Rule
5. Service Package
Answer: A
Question No : 32 What cannot be done using the Connector and Metadata Wizard? (Choose One)
A. Generate a data structure defined by an XSD file
B. Generate connector rules for a WSDL file
C. Generate a WSDL file
D. Delete the files that are created by the wizard
700-070 dumps Answer: C
Question No : 33  Which method of service integration within PRPC requires the configuration of a listener? (Choose One)
Answer: C
Question No : 34 Which of the following rule is most appropriate to read a comma separate value file? (Choose One)
A. Parse Structured
B. Parse XML
C. Parse Delimited
D. Map Structured
700-070 pdf Answer: C
Question No : 35 The connector rules can be invoked from ________. (Choose Two)
A. Flow
B. Data Transform
C. Activity
D. Flow Action
E. Another Connector rule
Answer: A,C
Question No : 36  The “SetInfo” data transform is called by the “UpdateInfo” flow action, which is called by the “MainFlow” flow. Each rule is defined in the classes below: MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff is the class of the work object. An architect wishes to specialize “SetInfo”, and so he does a SaveAs into MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff. Will the new specialized rule be called when MainFlow is run? If so, can the original “SetInfo” rule be deleted? (Assume that UpdateInfo is the only rule that references SetInfo.) (Choose One)
A. The specialized SetInfo rule will not be called. UpdateInfo is in the more general class and therefore cannot call a rule in a more specific class.
B. The specialized SetInfo rule will be called. However, the original rule should be retained to prevent design-time validation errors.
C. The specialized SetInfo rule will be called, and the original can be deleted.
D. The specialized SetInfo rule will not be called. When two of the same rules are in an inheritance path, the rule in the more general class will be called.
700-070 vce Answer: B
Question No : 37
An Application RuleSet Stack is as follows: MyCoSelfService:01-01MyCoHR:01- 01MyCo:01-01 There are four instances of a given rulE. Which is chosen by rule resolution? (Assume that the rule is run on a work object of MyCo HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff) (Choose One)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Answer: A

Question No : 38  The “Optimize for Reporting” wizard is run on a BENEFICIARYID property in a newly created BENEFICIARIES page list property. To support this action, PRPC creates all of the following, except: (Choose One)
A. A database index on the BENEFICIARYID column
B. A BENEFICIARYID database table column
C. A declarative index
D. Another BENEFICIARYID property
700-070 exam Answer: A
Question No : 39 Which is chosen by rule resolution, when the “Country” clipboard property is “Greece”? (Choose One)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
Answer: D
An architect wishes to ensure that a rule can no longer be executed. What technique is best used to handle this situation? (Choose One)
A. Mark the rule final
B. Mark the rule blocked
C. Mark the rule withdrawn
D. Lock the ruleset version
E. Eliminate ruleset version from the application stack
Answer: B
Question No : 40  What is the primary benefit of having a framework layer? (Choose One)
A. It provides a reusable foundation for implementations to be built quickly
B. It provides an application that can be executed by multiple divisions
C. It improves performance by having fewer rules in the database
D. It provides a mechanism for exporting applications to different servers
700-070 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 41 If an agent runs at 2:30 PM and if it’s configured to run at 30 minutes interval with a max records of 50, when does the agent run next time? (Choose One)
A. Depends on the number of PRPC nodes
B. 30 minutes after the last run is started
C. 30 minutes after the last run is completed
D. One hour after the last run because all agents can run only once every hour
Answer: C
Question No : 42 Which of the following statements indicates when the PRPC engine leverages its services API layer? (Choose One)
A. When PRPC calls a SOAP service
B. When a request is coming to PRPC from another program
C. When PRPC is deployed as an enterprise application
D. When PRPC is configured to leverage external databases
700-070 pdf Answer: B
Question No : 43  Which statement is most accurate regarding PRPC locking mechanism? (Choose One)
A. Obj-Open can be used to acquire a lock
B. The lock string for an object instance of a class that belongs to a class group is determined by concatenating the “Keys” area properties on the “Locking” tab with the class group name
C. If a lock held by a requestor is soft, the requestor will need to re-acquire the lock before executing another commit operation on the object
D. A PRPC lock is not needed until the Commit operation is executed
Answer: A

700-070 dumps


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