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ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

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Atlassian Jira Project Administrator ACP-600 practice questions

You Update the My Changes setting in your user profile to Do not notify me. Which statement is true?
A. You will only be notified by email about issue operations.
B. You will be opted out of all email notifications.
C. You will not be notified by email of any changes you make.
D. You will only be notified by email about workflow events.
Correct Answer: C
By default all users start with preferences to not be notified by their own updates.
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/how-to-update-all-user-profiles-for-the-notify-meoption-292126811.html

Which statement is correct about archiving a version in Jira?
A. Versions can be archived only in Jira Software projects, not Jira Business projects.
B. Archived versions cannot be selected in either the Fix Version/s dropdown, or the Affects Version/s field dropdown.
C. Archived versions can be selected only in the FixVersion/s field dropdown, not the Affects Version/s field dropdown.
D. Versions can be archived in Jira only if they do not contain any unresolved issues.
E. Archived versions will be grouped as Archived Versions in the FixVersion/s field dropdown.
Correct Answer: C

Teresa is able to see the Start Progress transition but not the Approve transition on an issue. Her co-worker is able to
see both. Identify two possible causes why Teresa can NOT see the Approve transition. (Choose two.)
A. Teresa is not listed in the correct security level for the issue.
B. Teresa does not have the Transition Issues permission.
C. Teresa is not in the correct group or project role.
D. Teresa does not meet the condition on the Approve transition.
E. Teresa does not have the correct global permission.
F. Teresa does not have the correct Application access.
Correct Answer: BC

In my project, I can create issues and assign them to other users. However, the other users are not able to assign
issues to me. What are two possible reasons for this? (Choose two.)
A. I am not a component lead.
B. I do not have the Assignable User permission.
C. The other users do not have the Assignable User permission.
D. The other users do not have the Edit Issues permission.
E. The other users do not have the Assign Issues permission.
Correct Answer: DE

When creating a project from a template, which two schemes will be unique for the new project? (Choose two.)
A. Notification Scheme
B. Issue Security Scheme
C. Permissions Scheme
D. Issue Type Scheme
E. Field Configuration Scheme
F. Workflow Scheme
Correct Answer: AC

Users typically forget to add components when they create new issues. As a result, most of the newly created issues
get assigned to Tom, who is the project lead.
Tom reviews all of the issues, and wants to triage them based on component selection. But when he edits an issue and
adds a component, the assignee does not change.
Why does the assignee not change when adding a component to an issue?
A. Auto-assignment with components only works when creating issues.
B. The project\\’s default assignee overwrites the value of the component lead.
C. The default assignee of the selected components is set to Project default.
D. The Assignee field additionally needs to be changed to Automatic.
E. The selected components do not have a component lead set.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/How-can-I-change-default-assignee-user/qaq-p/88040

Analyze the workflow scheme for the SSP project shown below:

Easyhometraining ACP-600 exam questions-q7

Which change would require an update to the workflow scheme?
A. Sub-task and Bug need a different set of statuses.
B. Task and Sub-Task need a different screen when being edited.
C. Story and Epic need a different set of statuses.
D. Story and Task need a different screen when being created.
Correct Answer: A

Which statement is true about configuring issue types in a project?
A. Standard and sub-task issue types must always have their own workflows.
B. Epics cannot have sub-tasks in a Jira Software project.
C. There are three levels of issue types in a Jira Software project; Epic, Story, Sub-task.
D. Sub-task issue types can have a different issue security level than their parent.
E. An issue type scheme can have unlimited sub-task issue types.
F. You can disable the Create Sub-task operation on some standard issue types.
Correct Answer: F
Reference: https://blog.testlodge.com/how-to-write-test-cases-in-jira/

You need a field which meets the following requirements:
It indicates the importance of an issue.
It must be used in all projects.
It must allow only a single value.
It must have a default.
It must have different options in different projects.
It must allow options to be disabled.
Which field meets these requirements?
A. Component/s system field
B. Select List (single choice) custom field
C. Checkboxes custom field
D. Labels system field
Correct Answer: C

You need a new project to track Software Defects.
The entire setup should be identical to the Hardware Defect project.
You ask your Jira administrator to create a new project with a shared configuration, and use the Hardware Defect
project as the source.
Which three elements will you need to manually configure to achieve an identical setup? (Choose three.)
A. Project description
B. Security levels
C. Screens
D. Components
E. Versions
F. Priorities
Correct Answer: ADE
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/confeval/jira-service-desk-evaluator-resources/jira-service-desk-create-withshared-configuration-feature

Max and Emma both have Jira Software application access, and they are members of the same groups and project
roles in the DEV project.
However, Max can rank issues on the project\\’s Kanban board, while Emma cannot.
Which configuration will definitely explain the observed behavior?
A. Max and Emma have different global permissions.
B. Only Max has a valid Jira Software license.
C. Only Max is a project administrator of the DEV project.
D. Max and Emma are associated with different security levels.
E. Only Max has been granted the Schedule Issues permission in the DEV project.
F. Max is a component lead and Emma is a project lead in the DEV project.
Correct Answer: E

A project uses two issue types named Task and Sub-task which share the workflow shown below.

Easyhometraining ACP-600 exam questions-q12

What is the maximum number of screens that can be used in the current project configuration?
A. 9
B. 10
C. 8
D. 5
E. 6
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1214484/issue-type-resolutions-forjira?hosting=serverandtab=overview

You have gathered workflow requirements:
Sue wants to put issues ON HOLD from anywhere in the workflow.
Dave wants to restrict who can put issues ON HOLD.
You contact a Jira administrator to request appropriate workflow changes to address their requirements.
Which change do you NOT request?
A. A condition on the incoming transitions going in to ON HOLD
B. A global transition to the ON HOLD status
C. Outgoing transitions from the ON HOLD status
D. A security-level on the ON HOLD status
E. A new status called ON HOLD
Correct Answer: A

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